My Fine Art - Your Photo on a 16" x 20" Canvas Giveaway!


Finding the Perfect Match:

Boy, do I have a fabulous giveaway for you today! But first, let me show you what arrived last week:

That's a 16" x 20" stretched canvas print of a photo I that took of my daughter and her friends playing "rainy day".  I'm so excited about how perfect it's going to look hanging next to a 16" x 20" You Are My Sunshine canvas in my mother-in-law's office: 

My mother-in-law counsels young mothers with toddlers and babieMy Fine Art - Your Photo Printed on Canvass and works with families that need a lot of "sunshine" and encouragement.  When she mentioned one day that she'd like to have this photo to hang in her office, I began thinking about how I could incorporate it to go with her You Are My Sunshine canvas.  Then, a couple of weeks later I connected with Julie Ryan at My Fine Art...and well, the match was made.  I knew exactly what photo I needed to have made into a canvas print!  And I love how it turned out.

Be Inspired by Canvas Display Ideas:


Now of course, I would love to have several more and just need to free up some more wall-space!  How cool would a collage of 6 of these 12" x 12" deep profile canvases look?  They're only $30 each, which is a super deal.  I'm visualizing a set of 6 canvases: four 12" x 12" canvas displaying a favorite photograph of each family member, one with the entire family together, plus a decorative canvas featuring a favorite quote or bible verse:

The 12 x 12 canvases shown above are actual canvases printed at My Fine Art.

Or, here's some more canvas decorating inspiration for you...I just love how clean and simple a stretched canvas looks and how the style really showcases the photographs:

The six display inspiration examples shown here are from a Google image search for
wall canvas display ideas, and are not image examples of canvas prints by My Fine Art.

Having trouble choosing which of your photos to have printed on canvas? Here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

  • family portraits for a den or living room, to hang over the mantle
  • action shot sports photos to decorate a playroom or kid's bedroom
  • favorite travel photographs (beaches, gardens, mountains, cities, buildings, etc) to display in an office, kitchen or living room
  • wedding portraits or favorite "couple" candids to hang in your master bedroom
  • newborn moments or "birth-day" hospital photos to hang over a crib in a nursery
  • favorite baby or toddler candids of each of your grandkids
  • a princess castle picture for your little princess's bedroom -- (oh, this picture I took at Disney World would make a GREAT canvas print.)
  • many little wall space. :)  

My Fine Art Giveaway & Coupon:

My Fine Art - Your Photos Printed on Canvas

So, now that you're sufficiently inspired and itching to have your favorite photos turned into canvas prints, let me formally introduce you to Julie's custom canvas printing business on Etsy:

My Fine Art - Your Photos Printed on Canvas

The talented Julie Ryan from the fabulous "Less-Than-Perfect-Life-of-Bliss" blog is the mastermind behind the business. She will work with you to take your digital photograph and artistic ideas and turn them into one-of-a-kind stretched canvas pieces of fine art in all different sizes from small to HUGE (30" x 40" big enough for ya?).  And believe me...there's nothing cooler than seeing your photographs turned into a canvas print! See?

Julie has generously offered to give away a 16" x 20" custom printed stretched canvas to one of my readers! (shipped anywhere within the US).  And...she's offering a 10% off discount* through the end of March 2011 - JUST for you guys!  So, if you've always wanted a canvas display made from your favorite is the time!  *To redeem the 10% off discount, just contact Julie through her Etsy shop to request a custom discounted listing.

So, go check out Julie's blog & My Fine Art Etsy shop and come back and comment here to let me know what you'd have put on your 16" x 20" custom canvas if you were to win! What are you waiting for?  I'll draw a winner on Friday morning, so enter now!

Julie's blog:
My Fine Art Etsy Shop:

36 comments so far:

Debbie said:

I would love to have my two grandson's pictures on canvas!

hose holder said:

That is an amazing display of photography. I am simply amazed with your photography skills . It is really an art which i simply adore.

Ashley@One in the SAHM said:

Oh I would LOVE to have this! We're about to take my little one's 1 year pics, so a good family photo would be PERFECT on our mantle! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

Ginny said:

I love her stuff. I would do a dance picture of both my girls :)

Paige Meyereyer said:

Hands down a picture of my kiddos.....these are great! Thanks for the chance!

Anne said:

I have had no wedding photos up since I got married 6 years ago. I would definatly pick a wedding photo! Thanks for the contest
annemolino at hotmail dot com

Lisa said:

I'd have a family picture put on the canvas and hang it in our hallway.

Prlinehan said:

so many pictures, so tough to choose!  It might be a good reason to do another family shot. Or at least a good one of all 4 kids  :)

natalie jane said:

Wow, she does a really good job. I am celebrating my 10 year anniversary in a couple months and we had a little photo shoot to celebrate. I would love to display my favorite shot!

Pita said:

If I won the canvas, I'd put our wedding picture on it.

Anna said:

I would love to have a photo done of my 3 mo old taken when he was 3 wks old. We had a very difficult delivery and I got post partum depression really bad. Nursing was painful and I was so worried about him that I would stay up and watch him sleep and prop him up to help with his acid reflux. One night as I was praying for my fears and anxiety to go away, he opened his eyes, focused on me and smiled this huge smile! He continued smiling at me for over an hour until we both fell asleep. I felt like it was God telling me everything would be just fine. (and it has been from that point on!)

Katrina said:

I would have my favorite picture of my son put on canvas. I took it for a Christmas card but it just has so much meaning for my husband & I. He has his back to the camera gazing down train tracks (trains are his favorite), holding his blankie that he never parts with. I love it.

Wendy Mizerek said:

I have a few pictures of my children that I have always wanted to have a large print of. I have some beach pictures and some of them together. I would pick one of those. Thanks for the opportnity!!

wendy said:

I have a picture that i've wanted to get blown up on a canvas for so long. It's one that I took of us upside down when my husband and I were walking on the boardwalk in Long Beach, WA. It mostly shows our hands. I saw how some of her canvases had text added, so I think it would be fun to add "I wanna hold your hand" - a song he used to sing to me before we were married and living 2,000 miles away from each other.

Carol said:

I would do one with either one of our engagement photos or wedding photos to put up in our new apartment!

macandzoe at gmail dot com

Sjwarren said:

I would do of Jax all sweaty in his football uniform with his eye black streaming down his face and then one of sweet Sam holding a frog...he is grinning from ear to ear with that huge green bullfrog with dirt all up under his fingernails!!

Kim D. said:

I would love to have a family picture done and hang it in the living room.

Angie said:

i have the neatest black and white family shot that we had done this summer and i would pick that to put on a cancvas!

janlynns said:

daugther wants a wedding portrait!

Alice said:

I would get a print of a picure from my Costa Rica vacation!

Alice said:

a picture of my Costa Rica vacation!

Regina B said:

I would love to have a canvas with a new photo of us as a family of four. We have the perfect spot just off of our kitchen and this would be the perfect addition.

Kristin Mulligan said:

I would love to have a print of my hubby and I from our wedding!

Shae Johnson said:

I would do a wedding portrait of my hubby and I!

Shanda said:

I would definitely do a picture of my two boys. I just had our second son five weeks ago. I haven't had a chance yet to put a picture of the two of them together. This would be perfect for that. I am so hoping that I win!!!

joshsteed said:

Andrea your canvas turned out great! I would get a newborn picture of the twins to put in their nursery, on the shelf above their changing table. Fun giveaway!

mariahcharles said:

 WOW!  Her prices are VERY low compared to other photography sites and it looks like the quality is the same!  Thanks so much for this link!!!!  I love canvas prints, they look fantastic - you know me, I'd get a picture of either the kiddos or a family pic.     The umbrella picture should be on a card - great shot!!!!

angela grace said:

I would do a picture of my kiddos!

Elizabeth said:

LOVE what you did with the 2 canvases side by side. PERFECT!

Elizabeth Bailey said:

I would have a canvas made with a fun image of my 2 year old pushing her baby doll around in a vintage baby carriage.

Jennifer C said:

My two girls... or my weimaraner... Julie had a cute one on her Etsy site!

Laura Cochran said:

If I won the free fine art picture, I would have to buy two others because I would want black and white photos of all three of my boys to go in my living room above the couch. Of course, we would have to wait until the third arrived at the end of April so I could have pictures taken of all three. There is nothing like pictures of family in a room designed for living! The work is great! May have to order even if I don't win ;)

Elisha said:

I would love to have one with my four children's picture. Thanks!

Michelle Buckingham said:

No doubt, would be a picture of my three babes. :) Very cute canvas of Ayla playing in the rain, Andrea.

Stephanie said:

I love this! I am not sure what I would put on a canvas. I have thought about it, and maybe a picture of some of my favorite kids from Honduras. Either that or I would choose a picture of a friend's and have it made for a gift.

Brittney Smith said:

Oh, I would just die to win this! I have a super fun picture of my 3 guys I would LOVE to put on a canvas!

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